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FACE IT...Being Locked UP is tough on Prisoners and their Families.  Any sign of being remembered and loved is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT AND APPRECIATED!!!

Send Your Loved One UP TO TEN REMINDERS EVERY MONTH for a FULL YEAR!  Show that You Care!  Order for Yourself Too!

Inmate Magazine Services.Com
 understands the needs of Inmates Nationwide. Our wide selection of name brand Magazines ensures that we have the titles that you are looking for.


We Specialize in helping Inmates and their Families! Magazines makes GREAT gifts!

FRESH MAGAZINES EVERY MONTH!           Check out our: full magazine list

DON'T get Ripped buying SINGLE MAGAZINES when you can have a WHOLE YEAR for Less Money!

These offers are exclusive for local, state and federal Inmates. Magazines are a wonderful source for news, entertainment and technology.

Henry Kissinger once said, "Magazines make things happen." We agree!

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Inmate Magazine Service.com will immediately process your order. Subscriptions usually arrive within 8 to 10 weeks - some come sooner!   NOTE:  Please allow up to 120 days to get your magazines. This is the Normal processing time for many publishers.
Refunds: Due to guidelines at the Publisher's level, no Refunds are given after an Order has been submitted for clearance.


contact us
Office hours of Operation Monday through Friday 9am-5pm CST USA


Check out this moving letter:

hallway"I was sitting in my cell really hating life...being locked up and away from my family...when I happened across your "Open Letter" in PLN.  It really cheered me up so I wanted to let you know.   I truly appreciate you caring...and thanks for the free subscription!  No one has given me ANYTHING in years ...and it really warmed my heart to think you folks actually do give a damn."

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