map of prisons in the USA - federal and state


How to Locate a Federal Prisoner

Locating a federal prisoner is fairly straightforward. Simply go to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Inmate Locator tool, enter the requested information (e.g., name, inmate number, etc.), and activate the search function. In order to yield more accurate results, the race, age, and gender of the prisoner could also be in-putted.

How to Locate a State Inmate

Locating a state prison inmate is much the same as locating a federal prisoner. Simply locate the state below that the inmate is incarcerated in, click on the inmate locator link, provide the personal information requested (e.g., name, age, gender, race, etc.), and engage the search function.

Note: State prison inmate locators – much like the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ inmate locator – do not have access to or communicate with county prisons, regional jails, or city jails. Most offender searches will be unable to locate information on county inmates or jail detainees. While some county jails do have online inmate search access, most do not. If the information sought via the state prisoner search function here does not yield the desired result, the user can try searching for the name of the nearby counties and the term “inmate locator” in a search engine. This should bring up a list of county or regional jail inmate locators, where available.

Agency/Facility Lookup

Use this tool to see fees, timing, service availability and facility/agency contact information.

Inmate Register number

If you aren’t sure what an inmate’s register number is, you can always find it on the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website on the Find an Inmate page. Click the “Find by Name” tab to perform a search by name. You will also require the race, sex and age of the inmate.

001 – Northern District of Alabama (N/AL)

002 – Middle District of Alabama (M/AL)

003 – Southern District of Alabama (S/AL)

004 – Southern District of Florida (S/FL)

005 – District of the Northern Mariana Islands (D/MP)

006 – District of Alaska (D/AK)

007 – District of Columbia (Superior Court)

008 – District of Arizona (D/AZ)

009 – Eastern District of Arkansas (E/AR)

010 – Western District of Arkansas (W/AR)

011 – Northern District of California (N/CA)

012 – Central District of California (C/CA)

013 – District of Colorado (D/CO)

014 – District of Connecticut (D/CT)

015 – District of Delaware (D/DE)

016 – District of Columbia (DC/DC)

017 – Northern District of Florida (N/FL)

018 – Middle District of Florida (M/FL)

019 – Northern District of Georgia (N/GA)

020 – Middle District of Georgia (M/GA)

021 – Southern District of Georgia (S/GA)

022 – District of Hawaii (D/HI)

023 – District of Idaho (D/ID)

024 – Northern District of Illinois (N/IL)

025 – Southern District of Illinois (S/IL)

026 – Central District of Illinois (C/IL)

027 – Northern District of Indiana (N/IN)

028 – Southern District of Indiana (S/IN)

029 – Northern District of Iowa (N/IA)

030 – Southern District of Iowa (S/IA)

031 – District of Kansas (D/KS)

032 – Eastern District of Kentucky (E/KY)

033 – Western District of Kentucky (W/KY)

034 – Eastern District of Louisiana (E/LA)

035 – Western District of Louisiana (W/LA)

036 – District of Maine (D/ME)

037 – District of Maryland (D/MD)

038 – District of Massachusetts (D/MA)

039 – Eastern District of Michigan (E/MI)

040 – Western District of Michigan (W/MI)

041 – District of Minnesota (D/MN)

042 – Northern District of Mississippi (D/MS)

043 – Southern District of Mississippi (D/MS)

044 – Eastern District of Missouri (E/MO)

045 – Western District of Missouri (W/MO)

046 – District of Montana (D/MT)

047 – District of Nebraska (D/NE)

048 – District of Nevada (D/NV)

049 – District of New Hampshire (D/NH)

050 – District of New Jersey (D/NJ)

051 – District of New Mexico (D/NM)

052 – Northern District of New York (N/NY)

053 – Eastern District of New York (E/NY)

054 – Southern District of New York (S/NY)

055 – Western District of New York (W/NY)

056 – Eastern District of North Carolina (E/NC)

057 – Middle District of North Carolina (M/NC)

058 – Western District of North Carolina (W/NC)

059 – District of North Dakota (D/ND)

060 – Northern District of Ohio (N/OH)

061 – Southern District of Ohio (S/OH)

062 – Northern District of Oklahoma (N/OK)

063 – Eastern District of Oklahoma (E/OK)

064 – Western District of Oklahoma (W/OK)

065 – District of Oregon (D/OR)

066 – Eastern District of Pennsylvania (E/PA)

067 – Middle District of Pennsylvania (M/PA)

068 – Western District of Pennsylvania (W/PA)

069 – District of Puerto Rico (D/PR)

070 – District of Rhode Island (D/RI)

071 – District of South Carolina (D/SC)

073 – District of South Dakota (D/SD)

074 – Eastern District of Tennessee (E/TN)

075 – Middle District of Tennessee (M/TN)

076 – Western District of Tennessee (W/TN)

077 – Northern District of Texas (N/TX)

078 – Eastern District of Texas (E/TX)

079 – Southern District of Texas (S/TX)

080 – Western District of Texas (W/TX)

081 – District of Utah (D/UT)

082 – District of Vermont (D/VT)

083 – Eastern District of Virginia (E/VA)

084 – Western District of Virginia (W/VA)

085 – Eastern District of Washington (E/WA)

086 – Western District of Washington (W/WA)

087 – Northern District of West Virginia (N/WV)

088 – Southern District of West Virginia (S/WV)

089 – Eastern District of Wisconsin (E/WI)

090 – Western District of Wisconsin (W/WI)

091 – District of Wyoming (D/WY)

093 – District of Guam (D/GU)

094 – District of the Virgin Islands (D/VI)

095 – Middle District of Louisiana (M/LA)

097 – Eastern District of California (E/CA)

098- -Southern District of California (S/CA)

Federal Prison Locations

Below is a listing of all Federal Prison Locations in the United States. This is the most complete list of Federal Prison locations that I have seen. Hopefully it will afford visitors to my website the ability to discover the proper channels to communicate with their incarcerated loved ones. Each location link is clickable and will open in a new window.

Adams County CI
Alderson FPC
Aliceville FCI
Allenwood FCC
Ashland FCI
Atlanta RRM
Atlanta USP
Atwater USP
Baltimore RRM
Bastrop FCI
Beaumont FCC
Beckley FCI
Bennettsville FCI
Berlin FCI
Big Sandy USP
Big Spring CI
Big Spring FCI
Brooklyn MDC
Bryan FPC
Butner FCC
Canaan USP
Carswell FMC
Central Office HQ
Chicago MCC
Chicago RRM
Edgefield FCI

Inmate visitor applications by state

The following applications are mostly available in .pdf format, which will require a pdf reader to view.

Federal Prisons Inmate visitation application
Alaska (not available online must request from inmate)
Arizona printable application
Arizona online application
Arkansas (not available online must request from inmate)
After application is approved you can schedule visitation appointments online here.
Delaware (not available online must request from inmate)
District of Columbia (not available online must request from inmate)
Florida (Updated Application not available online, you must request it from the inmate directly)
Louisiana (not available online must request from inmate)
Maryland (not available online must request from inmate)
Massachusetts (visitor request form is filled out 30 minutes prior to visit at the facility)
Mississippi (not available online must request from inmate)
New Hampshire
New Jersey (inmate must request you be added to visitation card, send them a letter with your date of birth and include your address that is on your photo ID)
New Mexico
New York (no application required)
North Carolina
North Dakota
Pennsylvania (inmate needs to fill out the form)
Rhode Island
South Carolina (visitation form 19-127, must be requested from the inmate)
South Dakota
Texas (inmates must request you be added to their visitation list, send them a letter with your date of birth and include your address)
Vermont (inmate must fill out form, this is a just sample to show you what information you should mail them)
Virginia paper visitor applications are no longer accepted.  All applications must be completed online.
Virginia online application
Washington online application
West Virginia