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Every Prison Inmate Deserves A Fresh Start

Welcome Your Loved One Home with Good Credit and a Fresh Start:

Good credit is essential to your loved one's success and ensuring they have a successful reentry into the community:

- It's been proven that parolees and those released from prison are unlikely to return to prison in the future if they have re-established a good credit rating.

- Many Employers evaluate the credit scores of their applicants as part of their hiring process.

- Save money on interest rates when purchasing large ticket items such as a car or a home, by improving credit score.

Help your love one get a fresh start with a better credit rating:

- We have partnered with one of the best, but least expensive credit repair companies in the nation to create a Credit Repair Solution that works for Prison Inmates.

- This is a special program designed to help you help your loved one come home to clean credit.

Ready to help your loved one get a fresh start?

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The Benefits of Getting Your’s or Your Loved Ones  Credit Repaired Before Leaving Prison

We understand the importance of having a good credit rating when you or your loved one leaves the prison. We have family members who have walked a mile in your shoes and today after being released from prison, they’re credit scores have gone from  less than 350 to over 730 and are now able to buy cars, boats, homes and the things they need for themselves and their family. Not only are they able to get the thing they want ,they get them with lower interest rates and easy loan approvals. 

Credit Repair and Jobs

Having a good credit score when you or your loved one leaves prison can mean the difference between getting a job and being turned down. Today, almost all employers run your credit prior to making a hiring decision. If you’re one many job applicants and your qualifications are all equal,  the score on  your credit report could end up being the deciding factor, as to who gets the job.  Raising your credit score, gives you a greater chance of getting and keeping a job and will pay dividends throughout your lifetime. 

Credit Repair and Home Auto & Life Insurance

Today, your credit score affects the cost you will be paying for insurance. A low credit score will raise the cost of your insurance premium or even cause you to be denied..  Almost every auto, home  and life insurance company now use your credit reports to underwrite and price insurance. And if you are denied for auto or homeowners insurance, you will be forced to purchase Non-Standard insurance and the cost associated with this type of insurance can cause a real financial burden. 

Credit Repair and Home Rentals

If you should need to rent a home or apartment having good credit makes it easier to qualify for the nicer residences. 95% of  landlords and property managers make their selection of tenants based primarily on the applicant’s credit score.

Credit Repair and Home Purchases

With a good credit score, you will be able to be approved to buy a house with a smaller downpayment and a lower interest rate.  Even a reduction in interest rates of 1% or 2% can mean thousands of dollars in savings on a home mortgage

Credit Repair and New Credit Cards

All regular credit companies like  Visa, MasterCard,  Visa, Discover, PayPal, American Express will be very likely to give you a credit card  that will have a low interest rate and high credit limit once we have your credit score raised.  Our objective is to have you to be able to cut your expensive low limit prepaid credit cards in half.

Credit Repair and Existing Credit Cards

A good credit score stops existing credit card creditors from blind-siding you with sudden credit card rate increases and limit reductions. The credit card companies base their increases in rates and decreasing credit limits  on changes in your payment history on your other credit card and loan accounts. Keeping a good credit score and tracking it will pay huge dividends.



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                      AS EASY AS 1-2-3

1: Start today for just $19.
  • Get started today and we'll get your credit reports and scores for you (included) and load them into your online account.
  • We'll then create an improvement strategy designed for your specific needs.
2: We take care of everything.
  • Shortly after you sign up we’ll give you login access to your personal online dashboard where you'll see a detailed breakout of your credit and all three of your credit scores.
  • At the same time a friendly Credit People expert is put to work on your case!
  • Based on the credit improvement strategy developed they will begin to aggressively challenge and remove questionable items from your credit.
3: See improvements in your credit month after month!
  • You’ll continue seeing improvements in your credit each month for as long as you’re with us.
  • We will continue working on your credit until we’ve accomplished the best results possible for you. You can cancel anytime.