Dear Customer,

Subscriptions can take up to 120 days to reach any US Subscriber although many arrive much sooner! This is the NORMAL processing times for Magazine Publishers in the United States. We appreciate being able to help you by providing these magazine subscriptions at such a low price!  It takes anywhere from 8-10 weeks for your first issue(s) to arrive. Delivery times vary, allow up to 120 days.  Yes, that does seem like a long time, but this is the normal processing times for new magazine subscription to start.

Most magazine publishers print the mailing labels for their publications several months in advance.  It just depends on when in their mailing cycle they receive your order.  If, for example, they have just mailed out their issue for that month when your order arrives, then it will have to be another month before they can mail the first issue to you.  If the magazine you ordered is published every other month, then it could take even longer for the same reasons.  If your first issue(s) arrives in less than 10 weeks, then your timing in the publisher's printing and mailing cycle was perfect!  If that is the case for you – CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the odds!  If not, please be patient.


Inmate Magazine Service is only an order processing agent for the various publishers. As is the case with Inmates, we charge just barely enough over our cost to cover what it costs us to process your order for you.  Therefore, our responsibility is to make sure that your subscription gets entered with the publisher, and that you receive your first issue.  If it doesn't arrive in 16 weeks let us know.  Please don't contact us any sooner.


Once you receive your first issue, it is the responsibility of the publisher to handle any change of address or delivery problems for your subscription(s).  The publisher's nameaddress and phone number can be found near the front of your magazine…usually below the Table of Contents or on a page near it.  When your first issue arrives, make a note of how to reach the publisher to handle any service problems that may arise.  However, if your address changes and you wish to remain on our mailing list, be sure to get us your new address.


The publishers of your magazines will begin sending you requests torenew your magazines soon after your subscription starts.  They sometimes send a renewal offer which looks like a bill you owe.  Sneaky, huh!  Read it carefully.  You will usually find that it's just a way to get you to renew directly from the publisher.  BEWARE!  They charge a lot more for the exact same subscription you got from us!

So…if you like the great discounts we offer on the magazine titles you enjoy receiving, simply WAIT renew your subscriptions through our service.  You should contact us about 5 months before your subscription expires to enable you to renew through us in time to get your order processed so that you have no interruption of service.


Sometimes, especially when RENEWING a subscription, you might receive two copies of the same issue of the same magazine.  When this happens, you should immediately contact the publisher at their address (in the magazine) so they can correct the problem for you.  The best way to fix duplicate issues is to clip both mailing labels from the duplicate issues and send them together to the publisher.  The publisher should give you credit for any duplicate issues.  They are good about this!


Unfortunately,  it's a sad fact in the publishing industry that magazines sent to Inmates and correctional facilities have the highest rate of getting"lost" somewhere between the publisher and your cell.  If this happens to you... you must contact the publisher if you want credit for the missing issue(s).  Publishers will usually extend your subscription to make up for the missing issues.  You should also bring this to the attention of the mailroom staff and Warden, if necessary.  However, you might take comfort knowing that you may have just as many issues get "lost" if you pay full price for your subscription as you would at our low, low prices.  The "10for$40" offer is our way we helping Inmates and their families! 


Sometimes, for various reasons, a prison or jail will refuse to allow a magazine into their facility.  In such cases they might mark the magazine"REFUSED" and returned it to the publisher.  When this happens, you may get a card from the publisher saying that they're sorry you want to cancel your subscription.  Of Course, you don't, but since an issue came back "Refused" they might think you want to cancel.

So,   if this happens to you, you will need to immediately contact the publisher that sent you the "Sorry you want to cancel" notice and tell them that you DO NOT want to cancel.  Explain that the prison refused it, not you.


When you order from us it is with the understanding that we CANNOT make refunds.  We would like to be able to send you a refund if you change your mind after you order, but we can't.  That's because the publishers will not give us a refund of the money we sent them for your order.  The publishers give us such a low price for Inmates that it can cost them more money to send you a refund than they (and we) make on your order. So, once you've ordered a subscription the payment cannot be refunded. 


Inmate Magazine Service, Inc. will immediately process your order. Subscriptions usually arrive within 8 to 10 weeks - some come sooner!

Refunds: Due to guidelines at the Publisher's level, no Refunds are given after an Order has been submitted for clearance.