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Our unbeatable prices and personal service has been praised by thousands of customers over the years.  

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"I sent a three dollar donation to your services. It is highly appreciated you guys taking the time to care for us."


            Andres Delacruz

"Thanks for your services and good business throughout these years."

           Satisfied Customer


   C. Maniarei Jr.


"I recently received my first magazine. And I just wanted to thank you for your help with fixing my address change."


            Patrick W. DeGuair Jr.


"Thank you guys, for providing such a great service for those of us who appreciate it in our time of need. Sending back a little love to let you all know I for one really appreciate what you’re doing, and I hope everyone else does too…

So thank you again, love and respect always…"

            Rodney Cullins, OK


"Dear IMS,

Hello. Please find enclosed a self-addressed-stamped envelope along with a coupon for a 1-free-1 year subscription. Please send me a freebie list. I really enjoy the magazine and I always pass out the coupons and magazine list to my friends. Also, please enter me in the 100 dollar monthly drawing. Thank you.


            Demetrio Martinez


"Dear Inmate Magazine Service,

Today I received my first issue of Us Weekly and am now waiting on Men’s Fitness, Latina, Hot Bike, Motor Trend, Car & Driver, Sport Rider, and have selected Men’s Journal as my free magazine selection that you offered me.

I really appreciate the quality of service you provide. I have made copies of your order forms and have spread them out through the facility. I appreciate the concern and attention on my previous matter. Once again thank you very much.


            Damian Mata


iu 4"To whom it may concern,

Indeed I would like to extend a warm felt and hearty thank you for your service rendered to those of us who are indigent and without support of any kind. Your kindness shall never go unappreciated, an I wanted you all to know that I think of each and everyone of you as being totally amazing. If so many in this world had hearts as golden as yours are, this world indeed would be an even better place to live, for the caring nature you have is beyond rare. I myself, will always be grateful to you. God Bless you all, as well as your families, and you brought joy to me in the midst of my struggles. Take care."

            Paul Alluma



 "Customer service,

My name is Russell Gillott, I want to thank you for resolving the delivery problem with the magazines I ordered…Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and CNET. I am now receiving all three magazines.


            Russell Gillott


 "Inmate Magazine Service,

Appreciate your business and your time. Here goes the other form for the other magazines. So if I have any requests or want to change anything I have to send my order number? Is IMS-252011 my order number? I would appreciate if you would let me know that’s my order number. Everything is good right now and I’m enjoying the magazines. Thanks Inmate Magazine Service. Best believe I’m going to renew when my time comes and I’m spreading word about your service. Till then.


  1. S. Martin Jr.


"Dear Inmate Magazine Service,Outgoing mail

I got your information from another inmate. It is my understanding that you offer one year subscriptions to inmates, and if I’m not mistaken there’s a monthly drawing for some prize money. They told me to include a self addressed stamped envelope, and it’s your lucky day! I have exactly two envelopes left. One for you and one for me. All I do in here is read, I don’t watch TV, and I’m not very social, so a magazine each month would be great. Please send me whatever information I need to receive the magazines and to put my name in the raffle. I would appreciate it. I’m a Christian and correspond with several ministries, if you know of any that might help me, or if anyone that helps with books, that would be nice too. I don’t get much support from outside, my family is just making it so I really appreciate people like you that help inmates. I hope you aren’t offended by me saying I pray for you every day, both believers and unbelievers. May God bless you and keep you. Thank you for your time. Take it easy and be safe.


            Daniel Morales


"Dear Sir/Ms,

I have been a satisfied customer for years…And I just want to say thank you so very much from us guys over here at Wynne Unit, Huntsville, TX. I tell everyone you’re the best, forget the rest…And I always leave your extra listing on the dayroom’s bulletin board. So thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I would like to re-order some more subscriptions, can you please send me your latest “Best Deal on the Pound!” list plus requesting Full List. Do you still offer the 10 for $35.00 best deal? I would like to receive one, plus some 6 for $20 + 5.99 deals for my neighbors. Thank you, God Bless, I’m also sending a SASE with this letter.

            Good Day!


            Noe Hernandez, TX


hallway"Dear Staff at Inmate Magazine Service,

Please find enclosed my substitute magazine selection, a SASE, and a picture of your customer, and this letter. You might as a business find this letter and picture as odd, however the picture is from Fudpuckers. Although I don’t live in Destin or Fort Walton Beach, my family (father and mother) are local owners of property (condo resorts) in FWB.

Keep and enjoy the picture, it’s just to show support and that I know the area, Fudpuckers is the best food. The SASE is for a small reply to this letter.

            Thank You"


Dear Inmate Magazine Service

Thank you for naming me this quarters $100.00 winner!!! The money is very much needed and will be put to good use. I would like the check mailed to the following name and address please:

This is my daughter’s address and she is the one that orders me magazines through your company every year. I am sure she will do the same with the money again. She will also use some of the money to help pay her student loan payment for the month.

Getting this notification from you is a very welcome and pleasant surprise. A lot of the time spent inside is filled with so much negativity. Getting good news such as this is so very welcomed. It is also really cool to know that the stories of people winning things is actually true. I have never been the recipient of winning anything.

Again thank you and please send the check to the address listed in this letter. My daughter will very much appreciate it. Please include a copy of this letter with the check you send to her as well. We also communicate through J-Pay and I will let her know in advance that she will be receiving a check from your company. Again thank you so very much.


            Aaron, WA

Dear Inmate Magazine Service, 003

I received your letter requesting I choose a replacement subscription for Star magazine, which apparently is no longer available. I choose ESPN as my replacement.

Also I need to confirm that my order for Teen Vogue marked as a gift and addressed to my daughter on the coupon is actually being sent to her.

I just needed confirmation so I know she received her birthday gift. Thank you.

And lastly as a suggestion for your company, magazine stores on the outside such as Borders and Barnes and Noble have nationwide newspapers in their stores. I believe you can contact newspaper companies and get inmates discounted prices on as well. Newspapers are high in demand in each jail I have been in. I believe since newspaper companies on the outside are rapidly losing business to the internet you will be able to take advantage of low prices. If newspapers arrive 3-4 days past their date it’s considered normal here and once again very in demand. Exampels are NY Times, LA Times, Dallas news, Miami Herald, USA Today, Houston and San Francisco Chronicles and all major metropolitan papers. So please consider.


            Angleton, TX

 Warm Greetings,

Please I would appreciate your offer of twelve free issues of magazine yet what kind?

            Thank you,

            Ronnie, AZ

 To your company. If that’s not possible then leave it in my account as credit for a future order, thank you.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Have a positive and productive day.


            Your Customer

 Dear Inmate Magazine Service, INC,

This letter is to confirm that I have received your letter letting me know that my full list order has been placed and processed. Thank you!

I understand that one of the magazines (Street Trucks Magazine) has gone up in price that was on my list and that I now have $18.00 credit with your company.

There is no inconvenience I understand things like this can happen. Your company offers a geat service to us inmates and I thank you all for what you do.

Well I have enclosed the list of magazines I would like to place with my $18.00 credit I have with your company. I understand that even after my order is placed I will still have $3.00 credit left over from the $18.00 I would like to donate the $3.00.

 To: IMS Inc.,

Re: Your Kindness

Dear Maam,

I want to first apologize for not being able to address you by name, but I have passed all your info to people who had money and they was interested in buying magazines.

Then your ad isn’t just found anywhere. Since I have no access to the Legal Newsletter I wasn’t able to obtain your address until 2 weeks ago. It was at this time I discovered your return address from your envelope among my paperwork. So now I’m able to write you the letter I’ve been wanting to write since I received my Glamour magazine 2 months ago.

First, I’d like to say thank you for kindness tolds this stranger and allowing me to not only receive mail, but also a magazine that I really enjoy and allows me to keep up with the latest fashions and make-ups the world has to offer and that I look so forward to using in a few years. Yes, I’m gay and in a very sick world for a person like me – so your magazines in my escape to the place I long to be once again – the free world.

It isn’t every day a complete stranger helps another stranger, especially in this world and yet you did for me and for that I’ll always be grateful to you. I will keep you, your brother and your family in my prayers and the lord jesus will bless you for all of your kindness.

Once again kind lady, thank you for what you did for me – it has touched me in ways that has lighten my heart and has given me hope that there is a humanity in the world. May the grace of the lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the holy spirit be with you all yours always.

            In Gods Love

P.S. – If you would like to, you can send me your mag info every few months and I’ll pass it on to those I know can get mags – just remember though, I’m in a lock down unit. But I’m more free than a lot of those who really are free.

 homepageDear Magazine Service,

Grace and greetings in the of my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Just wanted to let you know that I have received at least one issue of all 5 magazines I ordered through you. May God bless you for your faithful and fast service.

I will be telling many people about your low prices and fast service. I will give you all my renewal business. I have subscriptions for 13 magazines and I will be placing some new orders with you soon to let you know I really appreciate your fast service.

Thank you, and may God bless you always.


            A Very Happy Customer

 Dear IMS,

Hi, my name is Mackenzie, I am currently serving a 2-5 year sentence in SCI Houtzdale. I just wanted to let you know I think it’s great what you’re doing for inmates with your magazine service. I am as of right now taking advantage of your free subscription but also going to be ordering from you. I am sorry I was informed that one of your family members is also an inmate and I definitely appreciate your understanding how important mail is to an inmate for some that is all the contact they have to their families. So I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the great good deals, and outstanding service.   

 IMS, Inc,

Thank you for informing me of the discontinued GQ publication. Find enclosed your letter/form indicating my new choice of publication. Other discount services I have used in the past have never been as attentative to detail as you seem to be.

Again thanks for the heads-up. Just in case the order form/letter does not make it back to you, my choice is Backpacker (9 iss.)

 magazine-subscriptions-for-inmatesDear Sir or Maam,

I want to thank you for your handling of my magazine order. I took advantage of your 5 for $20 offer (just to see). I am so pleasantly surprised at the professional, efficient way you processed my order that I will continue to order from you. Also I tell all my friends and acquaintances of your excellent service.

Could you please send me a couple, three, four more of your 5 for $20 offer forms so that I may pass them out. Also enclosed, please find a further order for me.

Just to belabor the point, I sent my order to you on March 23, 2010; received your confirmation letter March 30, 2010 and by May 17th had received at least one copy of all 5 magazines. All I can say is WOW!! Never in my 30 years of incarceration have I ran into a better magazine service. Thank you!!



 I am requesting your latest coupons for magazines because the ones I have expired on 9-30-09. I ordered your deal for 5 magazines for $20 and was very well pleased with the service and the magazines that I ordered. They all came within a timely manner and I have not had any problems with getting them regularly. I gave several of the coupons away and everyone that ordered from them was well pleased. You are definitely our new source for mags and will continue to be as long as your service remains as good as it does right now. I am housed with several long timers and most all of us get magazines or newspapers or both so you are a welcome new supplier of our magazines.

Thank for your expedient service and for the great deals that you have secured for inmates. I have not even thought about ordering a magazine from another supplier since I ordered from you and will not order from anyone else as long as you are around and continue to have such great deals. Thanks from all the convicts here at Parchman who have used your company.

 Dear IMS Customer Service,

First let me start with a thank you for your prompt response to my letter; though I did find the current magazine order cheaper with a competitor of yours, a difference of 5 dollars.

I find your customer service and prompt response to be worth more and I appreciate it. Your good work and dedication is commendable. I thank you and look forward to more business with you. Your company and service will and has great reviews, word of mouth advertising.

Once again thank you for your time, attention, great customer service, and prompt response.

            Sincerely Yours

To whom it may concern,

If you could, would you please rush me a complete packet, full list and all the up to date materials. Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide. Keep up the good work.

 InmateReaderTo whom it may concern,

At Inmate Magazine Service…I would like to thank you for giving me a free magazine subscription because it is us you’ve said it is very nice and important to receive mail while incarcerated….Thank you for recognizing the need, for making it affordable to me and to us, and now that I do have a resource for affordable magazines I know I will be ordered other subscriptions from your service.

Post Script, please keep me informed of any and all new additions in magazine selections.

            Blessings to you, IMS,

            And Merry Christimas and Happy New Years

 Inmate Magazine Service Inc,

Hey I’m writing to express my appreciation for the free magazine subscription.

I’ll be having my family get in contact with you with my order…My friend said ya’ll blow everyone else away.

God bless your business as you have not forgotten about us inmates.


            Lubbock, TX

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